Carla A.

Classic Carpet Care has been my go to for carpet cleaning in Washtenaw County for years. I appreciate their quality work and prompt assistance. I feel better after every visit. Give them a try !

Cathie C.

Steve from Classic Carpet Care has been cleaning my carpets for many years. He always does a great job. My carpets look great! I highly recommend Steve to my friends and Real Estate clients.


This company goes above and beyond with customer service, and they are experts with difficult pet stains. Highly recommend.

Rebecca S.

Ann Arbor, MI

We just hired Classic Carpet Care to clean two bedroom carpets. While Steve was there, I asked if he could also clean two 5x7 wool area rugs, and he said yes, so I fully expected him to take the rugs with him, but noooo, he cleaned both bedroom carpets and both area rugs ON THE SPOT, all for an amazing price! I have been checking around for months, and wasn't willing to pay the ridiculous prices most companies are trying to charge. Steve was responsive from the first phone call. He was on time, polite, worked extremely quickly, and most importantly, did a fantastic job! Don't waste your time shopping around, just call Steve at Classic Carpet Care.

Tom H.

Ypsilanti, MI

Classic Carpet Care is absolutely amazing. Both times I've used their full house cleaning service on 3 bedroom houses and the service was scheduled quickly, cleaned quickly, and the service was excellent. The first house was absolutely destroyed by previous renters that let their dogs use the bathroom all over the floor in multiple rooms and had what I thought was going to be a permanent wet dog/urine smell to it. Steve managed to get the smell out and help restore the carpet so that it was hard to tell it had been through that much abuse. The second house was filled with furniture that I thought would get in the way of a good cleaning, but Steve is great at getting everything moved, cleaned under, and put on risers so that the carpet can dry well. I'd definitely recommend Classic Carpet Care to anyone looking to get their home smelling and looking better, especially if they want fast, friendly, and reliable service!

Ethan L.

Ypsilanti, MI

My dog destroyed my house with black food coloring and Classic Carpet Care came on a Sunday and cleaned my carpet and my couch and ottoman in less than an hour for just over a hundred bucks! Saved my whole day.

Rick G.

Ypsilanti, MI

Last night we had a small emergency and Classic Carpet Care came to our rescue. Here's the story...

My wife got home around 5:30pm and I was away. She walked in to find that our dog had been through a rough afternoon. He had managed to get into some people food, which ended up making him sick (yeah, our fault for neglecting to dog-proof thoroughly that morning). The poor, sick pooch did what sick dogs do, all over the carpet on two floors. My wife's evening was already booked with other obligations and I was away, so we were in a bind. After a brief phone call between us, I said I'd call her back in a few minutes. I googled "carpet cleaning 48197" and started making calls. The first place didn't answer. The second place did answer. He asked three questions, then said "I'll be there in 30 minutes". It was 5:40pm at this point.

Around 6pm, Classic Carpet Care arrived at my house and knocked out an awesome cleaning job. I checked in with my wife a few times by phone, and she was very pleased. Steve was courteous and professional. His work was flawless. The price was great. He's now on my speed dial. (Actually, he's now in my address book because "speed dial" is mostly a thing of the past. But you get the idea.)

Rachel H.

Adrian, MI

I've had my carpet cleaned by a LOT of different companies. Classic Carpet Care is amazing. The price, the quality- it can't be beat. He has been available at the drop of a hat, and tackled rust, red wine, as well as all manner of pet and kid stains. AMAZING.

Elizabeth B.

Ann Arbor, MI

We were so pleased with the job, far superior to others we have hired to clean our furniture. Steve even did our ottoman for free. Would highly recommend.

Amy G.

Classic Carpet is one of a kind! I would never trust just anyone in my home but Steves 30+ years of experience speaks for itself! I especially appreciate him being there in a pinch or in case of emergency! Anytime day or night he is there to support his customers! Do yourself a favor & call Classic today!!

Judy S.

Prompt, honest, reasonable, and great results. Has cleaned our carpets and furniture for many years and will continue to do so. Thank you Steve!

Kara B.

I can always count on Steve for a thorough carpet cleaning. He is super easy to get ahold of, and reliable. Would highly recommend Classic Carpet Care to whoever is looking for an affordable carpet cleaning service.

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